Star-Fresh 9

Star-Fresh 9

Star-Fresh9 is an inorganic compound of food additives provide excellent performance in antioxidant, preservative, bleaching, sanitation and maintaining the freshness color for Coconut, Ginger, Potatoes, Peanuts and Crustaceans.


For crustaceans, Star-Fresh9 can apply as sanitation.

Recommended dosage: 0.1 % solution [w/w]
(for Vannamei shrimp, Black Tiger shrimp and Lobster)
Preparation and Application (for the Vannamei shrimp, Black Tiger shrimp and Lobster)
  1. Preparing a 0.1% Solution by add 100 g STAR-FRESH9 into 100 kg of cool water and stir continuously until completely dissolved.
  2. *Dipping 100 kg. Vannamei or Black Tiger shrimp into the STAR-FRESH9 solution 2- 3 minutes.
    *Soaking 100 kg. Lobster into the STAR-FRESH9 solution 10 – 15 minutes.
Product Name Function Application Remark

(Inorganic compound of
food additives)

- Antioxidant
- Preservative
- Bleaching
- Sanitation

To preserve the whiteness peeled coconut as long as its shelf life.
To clean and preserve potatoes and peanuts

- Halal