MP-2 (New)

MP-2 (New)

MP-2(New) is a blend of food grade polyphosphates in a suitable ratio to provide excellent moisture retention performance to seafood processing.

  1. Increase moisture retention performance in frozen seafood.
  2. Minimizing the freeze loss of processed seafood.
  3. Improving the texture (firming) of processed seafood.
  4. Improve taste of processed seafood products.
  5. Prevent shrinkage of processed seafood after cooking.
Recommended dosage: 3 – 5 % MP-2(New) in cool water [weight/ weight]
Preparation for the shrimp processing.
  1. Preparing MP-2(New) solution by dissolving a 3 – 5 kg MP-2(New) (recommended : 4 kg.) in 80 liters of clean cool water
  2. Adding 1 – 2 kg of salt (depends on your formula) and stir continuously until completely dissolved.
  3. Maintaining the temperature of the solution between 0 – 10°C before usage by adding ice.
  4. Soak 100 kg seafood into the MP-2(New) solution while maintaining the solution temperature at 0 – 10°C during soaking
    stir constantly
  5. The recommend soaking time is between 3 – 4 hours. Optimum results would be the balance between appearance and yield
    that the customer requires.
Product Name Function Application Remark


- Mixed-Phosphate

Frozen Seafood.

- Halal